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Funny SMSs and Where to Find Them - Family - Teenagers

Texting has literally gone out of hand and it is very easy to see why this is so. People are absolutely crazy about this new thing that has been introduced to them. There was a time when a merry get together would be held at the house of a friend or a picnic would be arranged somewhere to relieve people from their daily routine. The purpose of all this was to allow everyone sometime to laugh and be merry but thanks to the workload of the people this is no longer possible. This has caused people to have a very restricted social life. The work they have to do is so exhausting that even when they get some time free their first priority is to get some sleep. This all has led to minimum social interaction. People do not get to have a relaxed time where they can connect with other people. This causes their brain to be under constant stress and is very bad for the health. To make sure that people do get a little time to laugh or relax people started telling jokes. These were funn y scenarios or conversations between people but made people laugh a lot. People than began to send these jokes as text messages to others to make them laugh. They became very popular instantly and are known as Jokes SMS these days. These are sent to and fro people to share the laughter and are great for reducing stress. A lot of people compose these SMSs but if you want these can be found easily on the internet as well. There is a large variety of categories that is found in these SMSs also, so a user can easily pick the one that he wants. The websites that have these SMSs make sure that they are updated regularly otherwise the user might lose interest.

Jokes SMS are one of a kind. They are hilarious and the words rhyme making it even funnier. People who write funny poetry are natural. They know exactly what to write and how to write it to make others laugh. Funny poetry is appreciated throughout the word as everyone loves a good laugh. They have recently become very popular and this is due to texting, people mostly read these poems online and then send them to their family and friends to share the funny text. Sometimes these poems are funny versions of serious poems but most of the time they are written on social topics. These are really good and are found on the internet basically unless someone has composed it and sent it himself.

Santa Banta Jokes are very popular in Asia. These jokes have two men in them, after whom the jokes have been named. The jokes revolve around the blunders that are made by them and also around their dumb conversations that are bound to send anyone into laughter fits.

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