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World Skating Champion's life story revealed in Xlibris release - Sports - Figure Skating

"Gold! The Todd Eldredge Story" is the exciting biography of Champion skater Todd Eldredge, whose dedication through triumphs and sorrow will inspire readers to never give up on a dream.

Self-published author Alicia Styles explores the triumphs and tribulations of six-time World medalist, six-time U.S. National Champion and a three time Olympian champion figure skater Todd Eldredge insightfully chronicling an illustrious career that spans over two decades of competitive skating.

From a boy who wanted to trade in his hockey skates for figure skates as he wanted to wanted to "jump and spin", to his move to Philadelphia to train with renowned coach Richard Callaghan, Alicia Styles traces the champion's early beginnings to his eventual inclusion into the American skating hall of fame.

The book also trains the spotlight on the cast of supporters that saw him through every endeavor, chief among them are Todd's mother Ruth and his father John.

Todd Eldrege's story is fraught with struggles beginning with his family's modest financial background, which did not keep him from pursuing his golden dream. The book also tells of how his local Chatham, Massachusetts community generously stood behind him by pooling in funds to support his training.

The book offers further insight into the champion's persona and the accompanying dilemmas intriguingly written thus, "The contradictions of the personality and career swirled in concentric, intermeshing circles much like the beautifully cut geometric arcs he traced in the ice surface as he spiraled ever faster toward a quad attempt. The duality. That was what drove the women crazy. Funny thing was, it drove him crazy, too."

The biography is published through Xlibris Corporation. This Bloomington, Indiana based self-publishing pioneer has been providing authors like Alicia Styles with direct and personal access to bookstore quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound, and full-color formats.

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