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Hindi Poem - A Touching Way To Express Feelings - Art - Poetry

Mere a thought of personalities likes "Shakeel Badayun", "Shahir Ludhyanvi", "Hasrat Jaipuri" and "Kaifi Azmi" brought back our attention towards those times, when poem regained the authorization of a conversing language. Now, even after such a prolonged period of time, poem in no way lost its charm as it still continues to exist in various forms including funny, romantic, emotional, motivational and even sad. Gone are the days, when poem's were only restricted to Urdu regions. From last many years, poet used many languages to touch the heart of people whether it is English, Hindi, Punjabi and any other, poem is everywhere.

Who is a poet(We call them "Shayar" in Indian context)? Who was the first one to write something in poem? I am sure, you must be eager to find answers of the above questions. Firstly, we all need to shed up this misconception from our mind that the one who composes only in Urdu language is poet. An accurate definition of a poet is the one who holds the ability of writing Hindi, Persian, Panjabi and English while depicting thoughts on a paper or any other means. "Amir Khusro" is considered to be pioneer of poem who wrote during 1253-1325 in Persian. Out from all other languages, prominence of Hindi poem seems to be spreading quite widely. Hindi poem made its origin from a poetic word that generally means a way of expressing love, care and emotions. The prominence of Hindi poem has seen at certain places. Millions of people use Hindi poem as the most efficient way to express those feelings.

A lot of variance has been seen in Hindi Poems. Where a lover choose romantic poem as way of setting perfect background to rejoice in the company of their partner, a friend take an aid of funny poem to get back the lost smile on another friend face. However, motivational poem inculcate positive thoughts and gives an inner peace of mind to ones who remains lost in negative forces and lastly, sad poem describe the discomfort of hurtful heart. Hindi Poem in whatever form it appears solves the purpose of conveying every deepest emotion, whether it is funny, sad or emotional.

Hindi poem consents a person to express the every deepest feeling merely with the usage of words. Poem Hindi and the sweetness that it carries along with it not only appeal to minds but also determine to touch the souls. As each word of poem brings in the feelings of love, togetherness, joyfulness even when you are parted away from your partner. If we talk about the usage of language that is used for writing masterpieces in Hindi poem then no one can forget the inclusion of melodic and elegant writing types while writing. Inclusion of profound language on the basic themes likes man statement, love or appreciation, wish for endeavors and devotion is most prominently presented. Sometimes, where expression of love generally gets tougher to express, poem makes it easy to refine the emotions exactly in the same way.

Poem Hindi solace inner strengths by revealing those feelings and thoughts that one found difficulty in speaking or expressing. Now days, the most popular and well-liked poem Hindi are unfortunate poem, appreciate poem, a friendly relationship poem, inspirational poem, birthday poem, humorous poem and enchanting poem.

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