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Laughter is the best medicine. This is a very true thing said by a very sensible man. No matter how sad, fatigued, annoyed or angry you are, a good joke is likely to lift your spirit and make you feel better immensely. It is said that a human being uses more muscles when he frowns than the muscles he uses when he smiles. It is in the nature of a human being fret about different things but it is vital for everyone to have a laugh every now and then. Laughing increases blood and makes a person feel fresh and light. It also reduces tension from the body and takes off the unnecessary burden from the brain. Laughter is also used as a therapy to ease the brain and to decrease depression or anger. The best way to laugh is to read a joke or see a funny movie. While the latter does take a lot of time it is more convenient to enjoy a good joke. There are numerous websites available online which let us read thousands of jokes and also allow us to send them via email to our friends an d family too.Since this is the age of cellular phones it comes as no surprise that nowadays jokes are being sent to others via SMS. These types of SMSs are commonly known as forwards and are sent daily all over the world in very huge amounts. Jokes SMS are very common in all the people as everyone enjoys a good laugh. These types of messages are available online on different websites which can be sent to make others laugh and to also share a joke with others. These jokes are regularly updated so that no one has to read the same old ones again as they are not funny anymore.Funny Poetry is a new addition to the vast variety of jokes. It is either a parody of a serious poem or is composed by a funny person to make others laugh. Funny poetry is becoming more and more popular and even competitions are being held for people to write the funniest one. These poems can be copied from the net but if you want to you can also compose a funny poem and send it to people who appreciate hum or. There are various websites who promote funny poems and new poems are updated every now and then for the users.Santa Banta Jokes are the most popular ones among the Asians. There is even an entire website dedicated to these jokes. They are hilariously funny and can be found online abundantly while others may even remember some of them by heart. Santa Banta jokes are about two people Santa and Banta and revolve around their crazy talk, schemes and adventures which are really funny and the situations make them more laughable. These jokes can be sent via email and can also be sent through SMS.

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